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hashcat and Apache SHA1? - harrycanyon - 01-09-2013

Is hashcat able to handle Apache SHA1 hashes, and if so, how? When I do this (on the the hash for 'pass'):

./cudaHashcat-plus64.bin -a 3 --force -m 100 nU4eI71bcnBGqeO0t9tXvY1u5oQ=

I just get this:

WARNING: Hash 'nU4eI71bcnBGqeO0t9tXvY1u5oQ=': Line-length exception
ERROR: No hashes loaded

The hash has been generated like this:

htpasswd -nbs username pass


Edit: Never mind, of course I found out how to do it just after I posted this. The solution:

./cudaHashcat-plus64.bin -a 3 --force -m 101 '{SHA}nU4eI71bcnBGqeO0t9tXvY1u5oQ='

RE: hashcat and Apache SHA1? - atom - 01-09-2013

Thanks! Smile