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WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - Kuci - 01-09-2013

Due to oclHashcat-plus' limitations I was looking for WPA/WPA2 in hashcat and I was really suprised when I saw hashcat doesn't support it. So, while oclHashcat has its limitations, please, could you add this algorithm to hashcat ?

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - radix - 01-09-2013

Why, it would incredibly slow

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - Kuci - 01-09-2013

Yes, it would, but actually, I don't need to go through long wordlists, I have my small wordlist which should contain 1st part of password for sure, but i would like to brute force 2nd part (just 3 numbers), but 1st part + 2nd part is longer than 15 characters.

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - blandyuk - 01-09-2013

Quote:Due to oclHashcat-plus' limitations...

What limitations? The only limitation is if your out and about, (war-driving), and your laptop or whatever doesn't have GPU which supports cracking. In which case yes, I can understand why u would want CPU but tbh, just get a laptop which has a dedicated GPU and a good one, miles better than using CPU.

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - Kuci - 01-09-2013

Quote:Password-length is set to a maximum of 15 on all algorithms

From WIKI...

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - Hash-IT - 01-09-2013

I would also appreciate WPA to be supported in hashcat.

It would allow me to use an old laptop, whilst out and about.

Aircrack doesn't support rules or large dictionaries and it just isn't the same Smile

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - undeath - 01-10-2013

isn't aircrack good enough for such easy tasks? I think it accepts stdin wordlists, so this is easy to deal with in combination with maskprocessor.

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - Kuci - 01-10-2013

Well, I think hashcat would be faster, as I know aircrack is slower than for example John The Ripper, and I know hashcat is far away faster than John The Ripper.

But to clear it out, I'm requesting this feature only becouse oclHashcat doesn't support passwords of lenght longer than 15 characters. Remove that limitation would be better than applying this feature into hashcat.

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - james123 - 01-10-2013

+1 for WPA(2) in Hashcat CPU. If not this, then at least a tool to reverse a .hccap back to .cap since I often acquire .hccaps but need to use CPU.

RE: WPA/WPA2 in hashcat - Kuci - 01-10-2013

And I forgot, I can use one AMD Opteron, so it wouldn't be totally useless Smile