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Upgrading AMD Drivers (How To) - Hash-IT - 02-01-2013

I am trying to get something up on the wiki before the new oclhashcat-plus comes out because I know there are probably going to be a lot of problems when people try to remove and install AMD drivers.

AMD driver removal hell is well known but I haven't seen much in the way of a good simple guide yet so I thought I would have a go.

I personally restore my entire drive from a clean image before I install new drivers so I have never experienced a problem. However I understand others may not be able to do this so this guide will be for them.

If anyone has any good tips or advice please post it so I can put something together.

Thanks. Smile

RE: Upgrading AMD Drivers (How To) - epixoip - 02-01-2013

I would clarify that these are the Windows drivers, not the Linux drivers.

RE: Upgrading AMD Drivers (How To) - Hash-IT - 02-01-2013

Big Grin Quite right,

I have failed already Sad

Probably the first mistake of many.