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HashcatGUI v0.27 Released - blandyuk - 03-09-2013

I've just released the latest version of the GUI. New features are:

- Support for all new modes in CPU hashcat v0.43.
- Included cap2hccap directory into download package.
- Automatic convertion of .cap files into .hccap when selected.
- Automatically converts NetNTLMv1 hashes into hashcat format, (more below).


Converting NetNTLMv1 into hashcat format.

When using NTLM + Challenge, the hashes normally look like:


or for LM and NTLM + Challenge:


Both of these are converted into the hashcat format which is below, line by line:


RE: HashcatGUI v0.27 Released - Hash-IT - 03-09-2013

Thank you, you have clearly put a lot of work into this Smile

RE: HashcatGUI v0.27 Released - kason68 - 03-09-2013

the AVIRA antivirus always recognize the pattern "SPR/Aircra.A.944139" into the file HashcatGUI_027.zip.

RE: HashcatGUI v0.27 Released - epixoip - 03-09-2013

then get a better antivirus program. or better yet, don't use one at all.

RE: HashcatGUI v0.27 Released - blandyuk - 03-09-2013

lol, yeah it's a false-positive. AVIRA is a very basic AV. I have fixed many a mates PC with that installed, basically useless. Comodo AV is very good as a FREE alternative. I personally dont use one but do have a VM machine which I use for checking files, it runs an AV and also keeps any nasties restricted in a safe environment.

RE: HashcatGUI v0.27 Released - atom - 03-10-2013

Thanks Blandy, you really need to port this to linux Smile

RE: HashcatGUI v0.27 Released - tony - 03-10-2013

(03-10-2013, 01:20 PM)atom Wrote: Thanks Blandy, you really need to port this to linux Smile

& to Mac also if it's possible ;-)

Thank you in advance.