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GUI update - mastercracker - 12-05-2010

This is probably for Hakre... There is no place to select the --remove option and since the loading of previously cracked password is out now, it's a waste of time to always recrack the same passwords. It could be in the form of a checkbox or something under the "settings" menu.

RE: GUI update - hakre - 12-05-2010

This will be available in the next update. I have this already working in the dev version. Incl. support for the ini and job files. Will be soon released.

RE: GUI update - hakre - 12-05-2010

now --remove is supported by hashcat-gui since hashcat-gui v0.2.441.

RE: GUI update - hakre - 12-07-2010

Well technically this would be possible but right now, I only release the full package. But even the full package is quite like a zip:

Just download the rar file, unpack the setup.exe and then use innounp to unpack hashcat-gui.exe from the setup.exe.