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Nvcuda.dll missing? - rize - 04-09-2013

The program can't start because nvcuda.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

cudaHastcat-lite64.exe - System error, and this is happening with anything I try to open hash cat related anything. lite or not lite. anyone run into this :S?

RE: Nvcuda.dll missing? - epixoip - 04-09-2013

driver is not correctly installed

RE: Nvcuda.dll missing? - rize - 04-10-2013

(04-09-2013, 11:56 PM)epixoip Wrote: driver is not correctly installed

What driver :o?

RE: Nvcuda.dll missing? - epixoip - 04-10-2013

nvidia driver. you're missing the cuda runtime. make sure you install the latest version from nvidia.com, and ensure the installer completes without errors.

RE: Nvcuda.dll missing? - epixoip - 04-10-2013

OP just sent me a pm stating he has AMD gpus, so problem solved Rolleyes

RE: Nvcuda.dll missing? - Jajulka - 03-25-2015

I have same problem. But I have integrated GPU - Intel HD graphic Sad Download nvcuda.dll and copy to system32 donĀ“t work. Is there any solution how I can run hashcat?

RE: Nvcuda.dll missing? - KT819GM - 03-25-2015

Intel is not supported. sorry

RE: Nvcuda.dll missing? - Rolf - 03-26-2015

Hashcat for CPU, Oclhc for AMD GPUs, Cudahc for NV GPUs.