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NTLM Crack speed - kitsun - 04-22-2013


I tried to use oclhashcat-lite, at the beginning it's not work.
I updated my nvidia driver and it's works with speed approx to 550M/s
(Nvidia GT540M)

I try to crack a password made by a friend to make a test, this password contains any characters but the length is 8 or 7 characters.
I tried to crack it but at this time it's not successfull.

The hash of this password is the following : <removed>

I search to find a way to use all our laptops to make this crack. It's seems to be possibly but not with Windows, possibly with linux only can you confirm it ?

Thank you !


RE: NTLM Crack speed - radix - 04-22-2013

I'm going to give you a week so that you have sufficient time to read the rules on posting. Enjoy the time off and please learn something!