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Wordpress password - ednj - 05-11-2013

I have all the keys and salts from the wp-config.php file and the code from the mysql database. What is the easiest way to decode the password?

RE: Wordpress password - Rolf - 05-11-2013

Crack it, obviously.

RE: Wordpress password - ednj - 05-11-2013

I understand that, i just dont know how to import the salts and couldnt find help with this. I know if I import the salts I have i could crack it way quicker.

RE: Wordpress password - Kuci - 05-11-2013

World would be much better place for life if people like you would use google first.

RE: Wordpress password - undeath - 05-12-2013

to make it short: you don't need anything except the hashes itself.