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HWMon.GPU status problem - Henry - 07-03-2013

When i start cudahashcat-plus64 0.14 on a machine with 4 GPU Boards, (3 of the same type and 1 of another type)
and i select the three boards i want to work with, this works fine.

When i ask for the status of the board, i see the HWMon.GPU status of three board, but not the right boards.
I see the status of two active boards, and the status of the idle board, and dont see the status of the third active board.

I can see that the info is wrong because the idle board stays cool, and its the only one that shows "Fan info",

RE: HWMon.GPU status problem - atom - 07-03-2013

There is no link possible between a CUDA and an NVAPI device (no unique ID). Therefore the only possibility to match them is by using some fuzzy logic which can of course fail. Best way to not run into such problems is to avoid systems with onboard-gpus or not cuda-enabled gpus.