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ASIC support? - gandalfrockman - 07-23-2013

Does hashcat plan to support ASIC Chips like what avalon is cranking out for bitcoin mining?

Not built for this specifically, but it seems like the next logical step after gpu's, and since they are basically just chips custom built for nothing but running sha256 compares as fast as possible, It shouldn't be too tough to integrate. Hell, they are using alot of the same metrics we are already.

It would represent a dramatic increase in the potency of any decent mask supporting pw recovery tool.
(a 5 gigahash/second box is only about $250)

terrahash seems the most intresting prospect right now....

RE: ASIC support? - radix - 07-23-2013

It was talked about, and I asked BFL for a dev unit. Fact is, it probably wont be feasible since they are really only made to do sha256.

RE: ASIC support? - gandalfrockman - 07-23-2013

I figured they would only work for sha256, but that this would be worth it.

RE: ASIC support? - radix - 07-23-2013

not really since sha256 isnt widely used

RE: ASIC support? - gandalfrockman - 07-23-2013

Hmm just off the top of my head, PGP,SSL, SSH, and IPSEC all use sha256 hashs.

RE: ASIC support? - undeath - 07-24-2013

just off the top of my head hashcat doesn't support any of these implementations.

RE: ASIC support? - epixoip - 07-24-2013

they aren't made to do sha256, they're made to do double-sha256.

this has already been covered before, though: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-2057.html