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hashcat-utils - d2 - 01-23-2011


oclHashcat-0.24/docs/changes.txt Wrote:type: add-on
file: batchcrack.sh
desc: removed batchcrack shell-script (comes back in hashcat-utils)

I've seen hashcat-utils being mentioned on forums few times but can't find it inside hashcat/gui/ocl package. Is this tool available for public?

RE: hashcat-utils - atom - 01-23-2011

yes it is: http://hashcat.net/files/hashcat-utils-0.2.rar

RE: hashcat-utils - d2 - 01-23-2011

Thank you, atom.

RE: hashcat-utils - shopeonarope - 01-25-2011

That version doesn't have batchcrack.sh in it. Is there an updated link? If not, I guess I'll just break down update the old one myself to work with cudaHashcat

RE: hashcat-utils - atom - 01-25-2011

yeah, the batchcrack script will be in hashcat-utils v0.3. but you're right, it should work by just renaming oclHashcat64.bin into cudaHashcat64.bin