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oclHashcat+ v0.03 - atom - 01-31-2011

This is a Bugfix Release!

Download it here: http://hashcat.net/oclhashcat+/

* changes v0.02 -> v0.03:

type: bug
file: oclHashcat+
desc: md5crypt / phpass cracking in multi-hash mode was broken

type: bug
file: examples
desc: MD5 example Script on windows, wrong hashlist filename

type: bug
file: examples
desc: phpass example Script on windows, echo appends space to plaintext

type: bug
file: examples
desc: stdin and stdout on windows was not switched to binary mode


RE: oclHashcat+ v0.03 - c4p0ne - 02-02-2011


RE: oclHashcat+ v0.03 - sono - 02-02-2011

thanks for your hard work, atom. i've tested this one a bit, and all i can say, it's very impressive. processing file rules is great.

you've mentioned about displaying current speed in k/s, M/s. now i have:
Quote:p: 0/190, cs: 1, cr: 7680, cl: 7, rt: 2804.53ms, s:1196437.12k/s
p: 0/190, cs: 1, cr: 15872, cl: 7, rt: 2580.01ms, s:1300552.88k/s
p: 0/190, cs: 1, cr: 24064, cl: 7, rt: 2758.54ms, s:1216385.50k/s
it seems like there should be M. just cosmetics :) it's v.03.

can we request a md5(pass.salt) support in a plus version too?