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snucl - inoo - 10-12-2013

Hi, Atom
I try to use vcl version Hashcat (vclHashcat), but vcl(0.18) + vclHashcat(0.14-0.15) is not working
I think VCL is diffcult to install and have poor features than I expected
So, I suggest you SNUCL, What about integrating with SNUCL( http://snucl.snu.ac.kr/ )
eg. snuclHashcat-plus

RE: oclHashcat-plus v0.13 and oclHashcat-lite v0.14 - epixoip - 10-12-2013

thanks for pointing us toward snucl, i'll be sure to check that out.

but why hijack this thread for this, why not start a new thread?

RE: snucl - atom - 10-15-2013

I've splittet the thread.

Anyone ever tried that snucl thing?

RE: snucl - epixoip - 10-16-2013

i will be testing it out shortly, especially since VCL 1.22 is broken and no word from MOSIX on when we will see VCL 1.23.

i will need your cooperation though in getting that platform support into hashcat, to avoid the "no AMD compatible platform found" error.

RE: snucl - atom - 10-16-2013

sure no problem, send me the company name as it is reported from clinfo and i will build a new beta