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ASUS R9 270 - Wolfdale - 01-04-2014

I heard its a higher clocked 7870. I saw somewhere in this forum a single 7870 getting about 100k WPA2 keys/sec (i'm interested mainly in WPA2 cracking). So probably the 270 is gonna perform the same or better.
I'm going to buy 2 of them. Is it a good buy? Or I should go for one 280x?
When i'm not cracking i'll bitmine.
My main concern is if the 270 it's supported by hashcat, noone has ever tried to use it as far as I know.

RE: ASUS R9 270 - radix - 01-04-2014

It should be supported, but obviously if you can afford the 280x, it would be the better choice in terms of speed.