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multi hccap crack - crackall - 01-20-2014

Tell me how to brute multiple files simultaneously .hccap format
-m2500 *. hccap dic.txt - crack only one password, first file .hccap in alphabetical order. All passwords known and in the dictionary.

one hccap files - cracked fine
with the mask *. hccap only one cracked

how to correctly brute multi hccap file?

RE: multi hccap crack - philsmd - 01-20-2014

The multi-hccap support is explained here: http://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=hccap

Note: for performance reasons you cannot mix wpa2 and wpa (also see https://hashcat.net/trac/ticket/222#comment:4 )

So the answer is you create 1 single file that includes all the networks (one after the other), if you need to deal w/ wpa2 and wpa, just look at the link above how to split them correctly.

in linux you can just run
cat *.hcmask > all.hcmask

if wpa (X)OR wpa2 only