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[oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - satoshy86 - 02-22-2011

As title, support for wpa/wpa2....

RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - atom - 02-22-2011


RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - satoshy86 - 02-22-2011

many tnx, waiting good news...

RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - Jardeath - 02-23-2011

I think this would be a nice feature. Smile

RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - c4p0ne - 03-10-2011

Been busting some tough little shells lately on WPA/2. My personal reason for this being a good added feature is that it would free people from using "that other commercial solution" which has been too buggy for an unacceptably long time to warrant its continued use; not to mention it's grotesquely expensive! Also I feel that it doesn't offer the "flexibility" of the (gpu)hashcat engine in terms of possible cracking scenarios (rules). Of course, its the only powerful GPU solution for WPA/2 right now so there really isn't a "choice" ..... YET.


RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - 2901119 - 03-11-2011

definitely agreed this would be an excellent feature.

RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - Rabbitz - 03-13-2011

WPA2 with hashcat would be great!
Cain is so damn slow!

Hashcat and GPU would be great for WPA2!

RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - blandyuk - 03-18-2011

I totally agree Smile would be an awesome feature.

RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - Hash-IT - 04-07-2011

Another vote for WPA support !

Atom, please consider this feature request, it would be great to support WPA in Hashcat.

RE: [oclhashcat+] wpa/wpa2 - atom - 08-22-2011

is there still interesst in WPA/WPA2?