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Getting Hash from DMG - altuser30 - 04-22-2014

Hi all,

i have a passworded dmg file, created with latest MacOSX.
I tried to extract the hash using the jtr tool ( dmg2john ) but when i open the hash into hashcat i get the "end of line" error.

The file generated from dmg2john is far longer than any hash from the example page so i'm wondering if there is a method to make it compatible with hashcat.

RE: Getting Hash from DMG - epixoip - 04-23-2014

hashcat does not support dmg, and there's nothing you can do to trick it into working with dmg.

further, the "hash" that is extracted with dmg2john is not a hash at all. there is no stored password hash. the user's password is passed through a key derivation function which generates a key that is used to decrypt the image. the "hash" that you see from dmg2john is all of the bits necessary to determine the kdf settings and to verify a successful decryption.