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SMF - Manmaniac - 05-10-2014


I'm looking to crack an SMF password. I have the hash, which I believe SMF uses SHA-1 + salt. I have the username of the user which I think is also the salt. How would I go about cracking it? The tutorials I find all say different things with no real concrete information.

The hash is 40 characters long. Thanks all!

RE: SMF - undeath - 05-10-2014

121 is the hash mode for smf. you need the hash and the username.

RE: SMF - Manmaniac - 05-10-2014

So would it be in the format




Thanks for the reply!

RE: SMF - undeath - 05-10-2014

(05-10-2014, 10:45 PM)Manmaniac Wrote: hash:username