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new function - crackall - 05-17-2014

who have acc track please add this,me oppresses bureaucracy:

1. add bruteforce OpenSSL pkcs and pem format private key with passwd
2. add bruteforce LM double hash (dump from pwdump)
3. add bruteforce openfire(jabber-server) hash


RE: new function - curlyboi - 05-17-2014

english motherfucker, do you speak it?

RE: new function - undeath - 05-17-2014

if you add technical information (especially for 1 and 3) someone might bother adding this. Nobody is going to search for this if not provided.

RE: new function - crackall - 05-18-2014

openssl genrsa [-out file.key] [-des | -des3 | -idea] [-rand file] [bits]
file.key - key with passwd, which need crack

3. meant hashes users in the database server openfire

RE: new function - crackall - 05-18-2014

4. unite table users this forum and trac
5. make automate transfer to https:// ( at least forum)

RE: new function - undeath - 05-18-2014

sorry for being unspecific. With technical description I was referring to something like this: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-2011.html

RE: new function - crackall - 05-20-2014

6. add --increment in -a6 and -a7 mode

RE: new function - epixoip - 05-20-2014

seriously guy, requests go on trac, not on the forum. quit being lazy and open an account on trac.

RE: new function - crackall - 05-21-2014

two acc on one site is a perversion
epixoip, you sadist
really the my ideas is bad?

7. java keys