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oclHashcat v1.21 - atom - 05-26-2014

Download here: https://hashcat.net/oclhashcat/

This release is focused on performance increase / bugfixes

As always, make sure to unpack into a new folder. Never reuse an existing oclHashcat folder (because of the cached kernels).

Added Algorithms

  • PHPS
  • Lotus Notes/Domino 5
  • Lotus Notes/Domino 6

Logging support

There's a new basic logfile support. It's just a start to find out if users like it or not. The log file is fomatted in a way that it is easily readable by human. The format hence is easy to parse too, each line contains a key-value pair separated by a tab character.

There will be more attributes coming in over time such as statistical information as speed and other useful information like cracked hashes. At this time, it's mostly default values, user-changed parameters, filenames of dictionary and hash.

Performance increase: New sm_50 instructions, NVidia only

With the GTX 750ti model, NVidia made an extreme move into our direction. This is the first card that supports the new sm_50 low-level instructions. For detailed information about the new sm_50 instructions, Ivan Golubev wrote an excellent blog post on here: https://www.golubev.com/blog/?p=291

To make it short, in the past AMD had a strong advantage over NVidia with their instructions BFI_INT and BIT_ALIGN. Those instructions are very useful in crypto. NVidia draw the level with the new LOP3.LUT and the SHF instruction (that was already introduced with sm_35).

Actually, the LOP3.LUT has advantage over BFI_INT. It's much more flexible and can be used in other cases as well. Additionally, NVidia added another instruction "IADD3" that can add 3 integers all at once and store the result in a fourth integer. This instruction is also very useful in crypto.

The GTX 750ti is a low-budget card, but with the next high-end card that bases on sm_50 NVidia it could be a game-changer. Also note that NVidia has much better multihash performance, not to mention the driver...

Here's how performance increased with the new low-level optimizations (yes, they will work with any other future high-end sm_50 card):

[Image: changes_sm50.png]

Performance increase: Workaround bad integration of 64-bit integer operations, AMD and NVidia

All the 64-bit based algorithms like SHA512, Keccak etc dropped in performance with each new driver a little bit. So it was hard to notice. GPUs instructions operate still on 32-bit only, so the 64-bit mode is emulated. But the way how it is emulated was somehow broken. I was able to pinpoint the problem where the biggest drop came from and I managed to workaround it. For NVidia it took me a little PTX hack, for AMD luckily there was no binary hack required. While this optimization is not for all algorithm as the sm_50 optimization was, therefore it works on all cards, not just the sm_50. Not much to say, let the numbers do the talk:

Changes for GCN hd7xxx / R9 series

[Image: changes_vliw1.png]

Changes for hd5xxx / hd6xxx / Non-GCN hd7xxx series

[Image: changes_vliw4.png]

Full Changeset

Type: Feature
File: Host
Desc: Added support for algorithm -m 2612 = PHPS

Type: Feature
File: Kernel
Desc: Added support for algorithm -m 8600 = Lotus Notes/Domino 5

Type: Feature
File: Kernel
Desc: Added support for algorithm -m 8700 = Lotus Notes/Domino 6

Type: Workaround
File: Kernel
Desc: Fixed performance drop on descrypt, LM and oracle-old initiated by AMD drivers

Type: Workaround
File: Host
Desc: Fixed problem with restoring ADL performance state when the clock size reported by the AMD driver didn't respect the clock step size
Trac: #435

Type: Workaround
File: Host
Desc: Fixed problem with setting ADL powertune value for r9 295x2 GPUs
Trac: #438

Type: Feature
File: Host
Desc: Added support for writing logfiles
Trac: #420

Type: Feature
File: Host
Desc: Added parameter --logfile-disable which should be self-explaining
Trac: #420

Type: Change
File: Host
Desc: Dictstat is now no longer session dependent and will always be based on oclHashcat installation directory
Trac: #437

Type: Change
File: Host
Desc: Use AMD custom profile settings instead of basing the AMD powertune/clock settings on maximum supported clock values
Trac: #433

Type: Bug
File: Host
Desc: Fixed VLIW size calculated by compute capability was broken for sm_50 -> cuModuleLoad() 301

Type: Bug
File: Host
Desc: Make --runtime count relative to real attack start not program start

Type: Bug
File: Host
Desc: Fixed bug with fan speed handling, if fan speed is manually set to a high enought value (e.g. 100%) oclHashcat shouldn't change it
Trac: #439

Type: Bug
File: Host
Desc: Problem with username parsing (--username) was fixed
Trac: #441

Type: Bug
File: Host
Desc: Fixed problem where IKE-PSK sha1/md5 (-m 5300/-m 5400) were wrongly recognized as shadow file formats
Trac: #443

Type: Bug
File: Host
Desc: Fixed problem where the 'delete range' rule (xNM) did not allow to remove charaters at the very end of the word
Trac: #444


RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - Hash-IT - 05-26-2014

Awesome work as usual Smile

Thank you very much !

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - vrposter - 05-26-2014

Awesome, thank you very much!

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - qwerasd12 - 05-26-2014

Thank you!
Just curious, what is a "PHPS Hash"?
Is it "MD5(MD5($pass).$salt))" ? thats all i found out by google
by looking at the example hash on the example_hashes wiki page it looks like after the "$PHPS$" there goes the salt(only numeric allowed and 14 chars in total??) and then a md5 hash? is this correct?

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - KT819GM - 05-26-2014

Thank you, especially for - Logging support. Have been waiting for it a while Smile

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - Mem5 - 05-26-2014

Thank you !!

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - mariaki - 05-27-2014

thank you Smile

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - ocl - 05-28-2014

It's interesting to know which NVidia card has similar speeds of a 7970/280x (WPA/WPA2) now.

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - 2die4 - 05-28-2014

Thank you atom!!!

RE: oclHashcat v1.21 - hakenmann - 06-05-2014

Thank you for your amazing work !!

I just updated from 1.01 to 1.21 (migrated from debian stable to testing to get a newer libc version and some other goodies) and i am absolutely amazed by the added functionality and increase in cracking speed. The temp/fan/clock functionalities with 4x R290 work like a charm and replaced all custom od6config scripting i used beforehand.

Many thx for implementing Notes and SAP Hashes this will definitely be very useful for me in the future !!