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please help! (with hash) - arnpw1 - 07-29-2014


I have a hard disk with one partition as a hidden truecrypt container. It contains my digital life of previous 10 years and as you guessed already I forgot the password!!

The password is quite long (20 chars) but I know most of it so I'm sure if I try a few thousands combination I will find it.

Now, when I attach the hard disk obviously I get an error that the partition is corrupt or unrecognizable. So I use WinHex to see the partition but I don't know part exactly should I copy and paste in the Hash area of the program.

At the end of partition there is nothing (mostly zero or some text) and if I copy the first 512 byte and paste in the program I get this error that it's not a hash (or something similar).

I encrypted with this settings: sha512, aes-xts-plain64

Please help me!

RE: please help! (with hash) - atom - 07-29-2014

Just use the first 512 byte (copy/create them into a file with a hex editor) and use -m 6221