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Need help setting Hashcat up - warlock72 - 08-15-2014


Im trying to set hashcat up but when I run it (App.HashcatGUI) I just get a cmd box pop up with the address to the App.HashcatGUI. And thats it, nothing happens. I'm going wrong somewhere but don't know where. All I can think of is my system is AMD.
Ive got my hashes in a txt doc also a a text doc named cracked that i've selected as the output. Ive added a load of wordlistas well
The settings I used are the same as this video:


My system is: AMD A10-6800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 4.10Ghz
8GB Ram and its running 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

Any Help please

RE: Need help setting Hashcat up - epixoip - 08-15-2014

HashcatGUI is a third-party application that is not supported here. Our advice is to learn the command line.