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R9 285 - ocl - 09-02-2014

wiki for details. Awaiting benchmarks Smile (they may be similar but 60 watt less consumption) In games the 280 and 285 perform basically the same but 285's TDP is 190 instead of 250watt. New users about buying a 280 may get a 285 I guess. But first benchmarks..

RE: R9 285 - epixoip - 09-02-2014

has the same number of stream processors as the 7950/R9 280 with very similar TDP, so it should benchmark about the same as those two cards.

RE: R9 285 - ocl - 09-03-2014

Weird: I read the R9 280 has 250watt TDP but wiki shows 200watt TDP (for the num of stream processors 200 make indeed more sense). So it's not a 60watt difference but only 10. I'm a bit disappointed because then for the 280X (expected successor name: 285X) which has 250 there's going to be a similar small watt diff.

RE: R9 285 - epixoip - 09-03-2014

seems like nothing more than a marketing ploy