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Hashcat server/forums - D3ad0ne - 08-09-2011

Some may have noticed that the server and forums seem to be a bit old. Our new server is currently down and we are working to get it back online. We have setup our old server to host Hashcat forums and links while we work to get the server back online.

Please be aware that any post that are made on this server may not be migrated to the newer server.

RE: Hashcat server/forums - .::Rizwan::. - 08-09-2011

my account was deleted,i had to register again.

RE: Hashcat server/forums - Mem5 - 08-10-2011

Some of my threads were deleted too.

RE: Hashcat server/forums - atom - 08-11-2011

will do that on weekend if the new server isnt back up till that

RE: Hashcat server/forums - blandyuk - 08-11-2011

Hi atom, I see you have moved hashcat.org onto your server now with tmto.org. Is there a reason you don't host hashcat on your uber server(s) anyway? As you say, the current host sucks ass big time!

RE: Hashcat server/forums - atom - 08-12-2011

wait, tmto.org? we are not on there! we just moved the hashcat.net back to its old location while the new one (uber fast one) needs new installation. i totally agree with you, the current one sucks and i hope we get the new one up asap.

RE: Hashcat server/forums - blandyuk - 08-12-2011

Ah my bad Smile

Pinging tmto.org [] with 32 bytes of data:
Pinging hashcat.org [] with 32 bytes of data:
Pinging hashcat.net [] with 32 bytes of data:

I did hashcat.org instead of .net lol Tongue

RE: Hashcat server/forums - K9 - 08-13-2011

hashcat.org redirects me to hashcat.net

RE: Hashcat server/forums - login - 08-14-2011

(08-13-2011, 01:24 AM)K9_ Wrote: hashcat.org redirects me to hashcat.net

I own hashcat.org and hashcat.com, and I have them both redirecting to hashcat.net

RE: Hashcat server/forums - atom - 08-14-2011

updated the download links on the pages