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RE: Hashcat server/forums - atom - 08-16-2011

ok, i have moved hashcat.net to a completly new server. some users and forum posts are lost since the backup was to old. i am very sorry for this. hope this one is running more stable...

RE: Hashcat server/forums - atom - 08-17-2011

ty, lots of work rebuilding everything how it was.

RE: Hashcat server/forums - atom - 08-17-2011

announcements threads have been rebuild.

RE: Hashcat server/forums - .::Rizwan::. - 08-17-2011

day by day it is getting at it was Wink

RE: Hashcat server/forums - blandyuk - 08-17-2011

Yeah I'm glad it's getting back, pitty we can't say as much for hashkiller.com Sad I did mention about hosting their forums for em until its back as anything is better than nothing atm.

RE: Hashcat server/forums - atom - 08-17-2011

freshly meassured benchmarks of all hashcats are back, too

RE: Hashcat server/forums - Jardeath - 08-23-2011

I refreshed the images of your cracking machine thread and it was 404. Sad?