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performance diffrence PCIe - Znerox - 01-09-2015

I know there isn't really any performance difference in games between PCIe 2.0/3.0 and/or x8/x16, but is this also the case with oclHashcat, or can it actually make use of the extra bandwidth?

RE: performance diffrence PCIe - atom - 01-09-2015

AFAIK there have never been made any benchmarks, or published. People say it does not make any difference.

RE: performance diffrence PCIe - mastercracker - 01-09-2015

Yes, it's been reported several time that you can use x1 for cracking without problems.

RE: performance diffrence PCIe - epixoip - 01-09-2015

There's no difference between PCI-e 2.0 and PCI-e 3.0.

Going from x16 -> x1 you will experience longer loading times, but the cracking speed itself is essentially the same (there are some caveats to this but it gets rather complicated and involved.)