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(New User) Error: Wordlists/: - qbas1c - 02-08-2015

Hey everyone, new user here, so sorry if this is something simple(I hope it is). I was following this YT tut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fxLH-pokAI to get the hashcat working. The error message I'm getting is "Error: wordlists/: No such file or directory" I do have a wordlist file. what I'm typing into CMD is: "cudaHashcat64.exe -m 0 --outfile=cracked.txt --remove hash.txt wordlists/"
I've looked on the forums and the user guides, but I have had no luck finding a fix for it. If there is any extra information you guys need, just let me know! Thank-you


RE: (New User) Error: Wordlists/: - undeath - 02-08-2015

omit the / at the end.

RE: (New User) Error: Wordlists/: - qbas1c - 02-09-2015

thanks a ton! I knew it was gonna be something simple.