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External Laptop PCIe slot - logistix111 - 02-21-2015

For some folks who just have a laptop, this little device may interest you: http://bit.ly/1vmrAKB

Granted, it's not as good of a solution as an ATX motherboard with multiple GPUs like most folks run, but everyone has different budgets or may want a more portable solution, etc. Combine this with the nVIDIA or AMD card that might already be in your laptop and you've got yourself a decent little rig.

Note: some laptops have their wireless card in this slot, therefore you may need a USB Wifi. Otherwise, you can use your laptop's Express Card slot if so equipped. Don't forget, you'll need a power supply if you are using a card such as the AMD 5800 series and up.

RE: External Laptop PCIe slot - 10fi - 03-15-2015

Thanks, interesting one. Seen something like this on alienware, but way more extensive.

RE: External Laptop PCIe slot - ati6990 - 03-16-2015

wtf , never seen before , does it work ?

//edit check out those cool vidz to see it works nice Wink


RE: External Laptop PCIe slot - forumhero - 03-16-2015

yes it works I've done it but with the ExpressCard Bus version. I do have the the Mini-PCEi dongle as well but haven't had a chance to try it.

see my post in this thread