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[.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - Leukocyte - 02-26-2015

Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat is a GUI wrapper for oclHashcat.

It was very tediously for me to write command-line parameters again and again. So I decided to create GUI wrapper and cracking tasks manager for oclHashcat. I've been working on it for some time and first stable (I hope) release is now ready.

!!! May not work correctly with versions above 1.31

Some features and instructions:

.cap to .hccap converter GUI:
  • Specify aircrack-ng.exe converter and output directory
  • Add files to convert by using buttons or drag-n-drop them to the cracking list
  • Click convert buttton and see the results (successfully converted files will appear in the output folder
Cracking tasks management:
  • Specify oclHashcat executable and working directory for it using Settings form
  • Save dictionaries and masks to program's base using Settings form (optional)
  • Add/Modify tasks using TaskEditor
  • Order tasks in TasksManager (main window)
  • Control the cracking process: Start/Pause/Stop craking
  • Tick tasks and activate "Crack all checked" for automatic serial cracking
  • The cracking process is visualy displayed by progress bars
  • Results are displayed in the cracking tasks list and popup notification windows (if enabled in the settings)
  • Personalize settings
  • Tasks, masks and dictionaries are saved in binary format

GitHub repository: https://github.com/kotlerman/LeukocyteGUI_for_oclHashCat
GitHub latest release: https://github.com/kotlerman/LeukocyteGUI_for_oclHashCat/releases/latest

I have a lot of good ideas for next releases (remote control from web interface or Android app, notifications to vk, facebook, email, etc.) I just need to know if my program is really usefull not just for me.
I know I'm not a good programmer yet, I'm just studying. So there may be some bugs in my program. If you see some, please add an issue on GitHub.

P.S. I guess my English is not very good Smile My native language is Russian, and I have studied English at school.

RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - Xanadrel - 02-26-2015


RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - Saint - 02-26-2015

Blandy's already made a GUI...


RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - Leukocyte - 02-26-2015

(02-26-2015, 11:32 PM)Saint Wrote: Blandy's already made a GUI...


Yes, I know. But my program is not just a GUI wrapper, but cracking tasks manager. Just try it - and you'll see the difference.

RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - atom - 02-27-2015

Welcome to hashcat universe and thanks for your contribution.

Protip: If you want to succeed Blandy's GUI you can try to make it useable on linux (using mono) and add the rarely used features like induction directory and other advanced feature but make it so that it is simple for the user.

Really nice design btw!

RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - philsmd - 02-27-2015

Very nice design indeed.

Thank you very much for the contribution

RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - epixoip - 02-27-2015

Wow, that interface is really clean. Haven't looked at the code, but the interface looks fantastic.

RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - Rolf - 02-27-2015

Gave it a go, program reported cracking complete but that was impossible (because of the keyspace).
Looks like there are still some bugs present.
Apart from that, love the simple interface (open source is a bonus for paranoid folks / contributors) and a different approach to cracking hashes.
It has a bright future and I am willing to do some testing.

RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - 10fi - 02-27-2015

(02-26-2015, 10:41 PM)Xanadrel Wrote: no

And I would: yes!

I was thinking I could use a program with a bit better gui, and some managing functions. I hope you will develop that further on.

I would love to have something to do e.g. the following on Windows:

1/ Grab all the cap files
2/ create hccap files, each named ESSID+BSSID
3/ Run all through a simple ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d attack
4/ Present results.

Anyhow, this is something worth of further development, hope you will not rest! :-)

RE: [.Net 4.5] Leukocyte_GUI_for_oclHashcat (GUI wrapper) - ati6990 - 02-27-2015

jez very nice my friend, cool gui, i hope you will fix some smal bugs to make it better n better like hc.
you would be the most loved gui guy if you implement linux bin Wink
so long Новороссия4life