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Pyrit export wordlist & oclhashcat - jugganuts420 - 03-07-2015

Alright might seem like a dumb question but hey im gonna ask before i do all that work lol

can i export passwords with pyrit's export_password command and be able to use it with hashcat or does pyrit butcher the wordlists?

if im correct dosent it append a newline char at the end of everyline would that mess with hashcat?

thx in advance

RE: Pyrit export wordlist & oclhashcat - forumhero - 03-12-2015

looks like it should be fine



Write all passwords that are currently stored in the database to a new file given by -o. Passwords are terminated by a single newline-character (\n). Existing files are overwritten without confirmation. For example:

pyrit -o myword.txt.gz export_passwords