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Question about rules. - LDA - 03-12-2015

Hi guys,

I know that I could execute oclHashcat multiple times with different rules, however, suppose that I want to put together a single rule file with multiple rules, what is the proper way to do it?

I'm curious if rules are created per line or not. I was thinking that the proper way should be cat rule1 rule2 rule 3 |sort|uniq > final-rule.txt

This would avoid duplicated rules, however I'm concerned if it will break the logic of the rules since I don't know if they have multiple lines.

Is there a proper way to do it? Or there is no easy solution?


RE: Question about rules. - undeath - 03-12-2015

Rules are always single-lined. However, sort -u might not filter all duplicates because there are many rules that do the same as other rules and there might be spaces in the rules which are ignored by the parser (but not all spaces, so you cannot simply remove all). eg "c" and "lT0" do the exact same thing.

RE: Question about rules. - LDA - 03-13-2015

Hi undeath,

Good to know that at least it will not break the logic. Do you know any tool that parse it and generate expected result??


Best regards.

RE: Question about rules. - undeath - 03-13-2015

There should be a parser as part of hashcat-utils, the rest is probably up to you. I'm not aware of any such tool you're looking for.