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Hashtopus problem Dont crack - cr4zynou - 05-30-2015

i have problem in hashtopus

i use this task (-a 3 #HL# ?a?a) for cracking a 2 character hash

and nothing are cracked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loading task...failed: No active tasks.
Loading task...assigned to 2, hashlist 1 (continue)
Downloading hashlist 1...34 bytes
Requesting chunk...keyspace measuring required
Measuring keyspace...95
Uploading keyspace size...Accepted
Requesting chunk...benchmark required (10s)
Benchmarking task for 10s...9025/9025
Uploading benchmark result...Accepted (95)
Requesting chunk...received 1 (S: 0, L:95)
Creating zap directory...
Hashcat subprocess started at 18:35:36
[9025/9025] Uploading 37 b.Hashcat subprocess finished at 18:35:38 (2s)
Waiting for unfinished HTTP connections.....HTTP >> <br />

thank you..

RE: Hashtopus problem Dont crack - epixoip - 05-31-2015

This isn't a Hashtopus support forum, you need to contact curlyboi.