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rockyou - hidden code !? - simb2015 - 10-14-2015

I've a fairly new install of The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) (2 weeks +/-) and have been playing with rockyou.
This is the file that came pre-installed with The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali).

Today I stumbled across something that really threw me.

Within the uncompressed txt, I've found a load of HTML and other 'garbage'

example (swf): "<embed src="http://apps.rockyou.com/rockyou.swf?instanceid=13559"
example (ramblings): "'en nivel académico y trayectoria laboral ya que creemos que son  importantes "

Can anyone explain what's going on ??
I thought this was supposed to just be a list of words !?

RE: rockyou - hidden code !? - radix - 10-14-2015

Just remnants of the dump that didn't get cleaned out. No big deal.

RE: rockyou - hidden code !? - epixoip - 10-14-2015

I heard if you tac rockyou.txt it plays a satanic message

RE: rockyou - hidden code !? - simb2015 - 10-15-2015

ah well I have to laugh at 'no biggie' !
Makes me feel a right prude now, getting all freaked at finding such things.
Maybe I've got more of a cultural hurdle to cross than technical by coming over to the Dark Linux world Smile
I know I'll still be cleaning it up - but maybe worry less about the 'how' or 'why' now.

Ta for the responses Smile

RE: rockyou - hidden code !? - blazer - 10-15-2015

ok damnit secrets out. If you copy all those lines sort them in ascending order, take out the 5th character from each line and put it into a file.  Play it backwards in VLC at 0.25x speed there will be a secret message.

RE: rockyou - hidden code !? - magnum - 10-20-2015

If you take the humongous InfoSecSouthwest2012 dataset, look for hashes which fully pass isprint() when decoded (that'd be "highly unlikely" for a real hash) and print those as strings, you'll see a lot more "interesting" things. More importantly, you can sort them out as crap not needing to contribute to your power bill. To be honest I ditched the whole dataset after seeing all that nonsense.