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invert wordlist - idiotsavant - 09-14-2011

i'd like an option to read a wordlist from bottom to top.

i've got a couple 1GB wordlists. occasionally hashcat shuts itself down due to heat issues. when that happens i've got to start at the beginning of the list. it'd be great to be able to start at the end of the list and work towards the top.

RE: invert wordlist - K9 - 09-14-2011


RE: invert wordlist - idiotsavant - 09-14-2011

(09-14-2011, 04:46 PM)K9_ Wrote: resume?

i can't get resume to work when it stops due to heat.

RE: invert wordlist - atom - 09-14-2011

hashcat does not shutdown itself. did you try the -s parameter?

RE: invert wordlist - atom - 11-19-2011