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FirePro V7800 - martin.po21 - 12-04-2015


I usually browse google for this kind of questions, but this time i didnt mannaged to find me an answer to my question.
Can somebody please tell me what can be expected from FirePro v7800? Or if someone owns it, can you please post benchmark result?

I have a chance to get a few of those cards quite cheap, but i failed to find oclHashcat benchmark of it anywhere.


RE: FirePro V7800 - epixoip - 12-05-2015

Firepro v7800 is an underclocked HD 5850. So old and slow. Moreover, AMD is dropping support for their VLIW5 cards in the next driver release, so you wouldn't be able to use this GPU for very long.

RE: FirePro V7800 - martin.po21 - 12-06-2015

Many thanks!