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building under OS X 10.11.1 - dowdyhowdy - 12-05-2015


I can't get to build hashcat 2.00 under El Capitan.
When I run the script :

sudo sh tools/deps.sh

I get 

"dpkg: error: failed to open package info file '/usr/local/var/lib/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory
! failed to install libssl0.9.8"

It maybe boils down to dpkg manager under Mac OS X. I have installed it with brew, but it warned:

"==> Caveats
This installation of dpkg is not configured to install software, so
commands such as `dpkg -i`, `dpkg --configure` will fail."

Is there any other way to run this?

RE: building under OS X 10.11.1 - radix - 12-06-2015

Currently the OSX binaries are cross compiled from linux, same with Windows.