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-m 20 salt length - tiazgriff - 12-10-2015


Is it possible to increase the max salt length for -m 20 md5($salt.$pass)?
I've got a 53 character long salt and Hashcat fails to crack it. Working great with less character salts
(salt is: ac8e67b1c8a467b55f0c5de2f69d07ab9ed6f64e5487955f8afd3)

Thanks in advance and for the great tool Atom!

RE: -m 20 salt length - epixoip - 12-11-2015

single md5 block is only 55 bytes so you'd need a generic multiblock md5 implementation

RE: -m 20 salt length - tiazgriff - 12-11-2015

Since its open source maybe someone does it :\ I doubt Atom will implement it, but it'd be great Smile