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webEdition CMS >=6.4 - kigg - 01-26-2016

I know that new feature request should be fillid in GitHub.
Maybe we can have a look first at the new hashing method of webEdition 6.4 and higher.
There has been a workaround for 6.3 and earlier version but now they have changed the method.
I'm not that into php to understand whats going on in the makeSlatedPasswords function right here http://fossies.org/dox/webEdition_6430/we__users__user_8class_8php_source.html#l02487

You can download it here http://www.webedition.org/de/webedition-cms/download.php
Or take a look at the code here http://fossies.org/dox/webEdition_6430/we__session_8inc_8php_source.html#l00080

RE: webEdition CMS >=6.4 - royce - 11-19-2017

Yes, hash requests should be made on GitHub.

For others' ref, older versions of hashcat support older versions of WebEdition.