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hexchar des? - ccprime - 04-03-2016

hello Smile
im a new here, i read wiki pages. some topics here on board but im still little confused Smile

okey,lets start with questions Smile

i make an example, des encryption

data to encrypt(decrypted data)

encrypted data

i have 2-3 question about it
lets say that i know from encrypted data 2,3,4 byte, i create cmd but im not sure thats corect

cudaHashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 1500 --session=all --hex-charset -o "C:\Users\...\...\...\found1.txt" --outfile-format=4 -w 2 --gpu-temp-abort=80 -1 ?dABCDEF "C:\Users\...\...\...\hashdesexample.txt" ?dABCDEF?dABCDEF000000?dABCDEF?dABCDEF?dABCDEF?dABCDEF?dABCDEF?dABCDEF?dABCDEF?dABCDEF

and after that cmd i get error like "line-lenght exception"
is that cmd okey ?
maybe txt file with encrypted data is wrong format? (i just put clear encrypted data)

and another question, there is a way to see also the "key" ?

many thanks guys for help's Smile

RE: hexchar des? - epixoip - 04-03-2016

-m 1500 is descrypt, not DES encryption.

RE: hexchar des? - ccprime - 04-04-2016

my mistake Sad
I thought that it supports Sad
shame Sad

thanks for fast reply Wink