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Problems with RAR archive - Said The Liar - 07-16-2016

Hi everybody. So I have a RAR archive that I need to get the password to. I would be able to do this but this RAR archive is unlike anything I have previously seen. When you open the password protected archive, you can view the files just like normal. You are only prompted with a password upon extracting the files. I have tried multiple cracking programs. Hashcat, John the Ripper, and cRARk. When I use rar2john, a program supplied with John the Ripper to hash the given archive, it generates a very strange looking hash; one that doesn't work with either hashcat or John. cRARk immediately attempts to crack the first file in the archive. Any idea what to do next? Thanks!

RE: Problems with RAR archive - atom - 07-17-2016

RAR cracking without header encryption is not yet supported

RE: Problems with RAR archive - NikosD - 07-26-2016

There is a free tool supporting all types of RAR cracking (with or without header encryption) called cRARk and it's heavily optimized for all CPU architectures, like AVX2, AVX, XOP, AES-NI for Intel Haswell and AMD Bulldozer processors.

It supports only 1 thread for CPU (no multicore) and only one GPU or CPU (not at the same time)

Also, no pause/resume.

Latest v5.1 supports x64 and CUDA http://www.crark.net/download/crark51.rar for Nvidia cards and x64 and OpenCL http://www.crark.net/download/crark51-ocl.rar for AMD
For Intel GPUs you have to download previous 5.0c version http://www.crark.net/download/crark50-ocl.rar which works on Win 10 x64 latest driver.

Some benchmarks on RAR3 without header encryption:

Radeon 5750                             ~2500 pass/s
Intel HD4600@1.5GHz                 ~760 pass/s
Core i7-4790 (AVX2)                    ~700 pass/s (Single thread)
Nvidia GT610                              ~700 pass/s
Core i5-2400 (AVX)                      ~300 pass/s (Single thread)
Core 2 Duo@2.86GHz (SSE2)        ~200 pass/s (Single thread)