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legacy hashcat question - aibos - 07-19-2016

Why when I use this as hash list whihc include hashConfusedalt
it says line lenght exception for all of em with type 3910 which should be a generic md5(md5($pass).md5($salt)) with no lenght limit ??


BTW, I masked the hashes a bit ...


RE: legacy hashcat question - atom - 07-20-2016

There's no true generic kernel. There's always a limit. In theory, you could have a 25gb long bytestream as salt. That would propably exceed your GPU ram. But even such a thing could be supported, but it requires a special kernel.

RE: legacy hashcat question - aibos - 07-20-2016

If I'm not into kernels, can I hire someone to build a kernel for me?

RE: legacy hashcat question - epixoip - 07-20-2016

You can, but it's not cheap!