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RE: My Personal computer - clasicunlock - 10-22-2011

I raised the clock speed from 940 to 960 mhz and i post here the new speed ..... is better than the first one. how user "KT819GM" said that need to be 8300+ .... so it is around ~8400M/s

Here is the screen attached.

RE: My Personal computer - ntk - 12-11-2011

what is the difference in tackling HASH, MD3, MD5, SL3 then WPA. Does someone know and can explain in short, clear understandable English for a newbie, why speed there is in multiple Million range, whereas with WPA only max 100,000 k/s

RE: My Personal computer - forumhero - 12-11-2011

not all hashes have the same complexity

RE: My Personal computer - ntk - 12-12-2011

thanks, so slow encryption like in WPA means more complex, hence och+ can achieve only low speed rate.