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"No match" error - onewithgilead - 10-26-2011


If I run cudaHashcat32.bin without any arguments, it gives me the help screen just like normal. However, if I actually tell it what to do, it simply says "No match." immediately. What does this mean? (Running on Fedora Linux).

user@pc60 oclHashcat-0.26]$ ./cudaHashcat32.bin
Usage: cudaHashcat [options] hashlist dict_left|mask_left dict_right|mask_right

Try --help for more help.
[user@pc60 oclHashcat-0.26]$ ./cudaHashcat32.bin --hash-type 102 --outfile pass2.out real.hash ?l?l?l?l ?l?l?l?l?l
./cudaHashcat32.bin: No match.

RE: "No match" error - atom - 10-27-2011

try "ldd ./cudaHashcat32.bin". i suspect its missing some required libraries.