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About --keep-guessing - Mem5 - 11-26-2016

Quote:New option --keep-guessing: Continue cracking hashes even after they have been cracked (to find collisions)

Would it be possible to have the exact opposite ? To stop hashcat after one found collision  ?


RE: About --keep-guessing - Lars - 11-27-2016

How would that differ from standard behavior?

RE: About --keep-guessing - royce - 11-27-2016

Almost not at all. I guess it would alter the behavior for any hashes that already keep guessing (is it 7-Zip?)

RE: About --keep-guessing - atom - 11-27-2016

OP needs to clarify

RE: About --keep-guessing - Mem5 - 12-02-2016

For Office <2003 , hashcat find dozens of collisions. What if I only want one ? I could use "--no-keep-guessing" Smile

RE: About --keep-guessing - Wizkid - 12-02-2016

"--no-keep-guessing" keep guessing and never end 'Quote me if am wrong'

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RE: About --keep-guessing - atom - 12-02-2016

OK, then it's like royce meant. Please add an issue on github, then I'll add it.

RE: About --keep-guessing - royce - 11-24-2018

I've requested the --no-keep-guessing flag here: