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--stdout option - NeonFlash - 11-07-2011

hello atom,

is there a possibility of having support for an --stdout option in the next release of oclhashcat?

this --stdout option would print the list of word combinations being generated by oclhashcat

At present, we have oclhashcat and oclhashcat-plus as 2 separate programs. there's no option to bruteforce or mask attacks in oclhashcat-plus. To combine the 2 features I wanted to use the --stdout option to pipe output of one program to input of another.

I have already tried the mask processor, mp64.exe, but it doesn't utilize the speed of the GPU quite well. It is possible to run multiple instances of oclhashcat-plus, however, it still doesn't give good results.

just wanted to know the feasibility of this.


RE: --stdout option - undeath - 11-07-2011

you can use the maskprocessor (see wiki). It won't get any faster than this.

RE: --stdout option - atom - 11-07-2011

maskprocessor is fastest wordgenerator. you must read the the optimization section http://hashcat.net/wiki/brute_force_in_oclhashcat_plus