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[bug] oclHashcat-plus not printing plains - undeath - 11-07-2011


I'm not sure if there already was a thread like this but I didn't find any.

I was just running a big md5 list and and realizied oclHashcat-plus somehow "forgot" to print the cracked plains into the output file.

Out of the first 14 lines there are 10 lines in format

This only occurred with the first cracked ones, i didn't see lines like this somewhere later in my outfile.

I remember having had such an issue some days ago too, when cracking a sha1(salt.pass) and I think it wasn't even oclHashcat-plus but oclHashcat. (but I'm not sure about this!)

Could you have a look into this, atom?

greez undeath

RE: [bug] oclHashcat-plus not printing plains - Rolf - 11-07-2011

I have a feeling you are having amd gpu.
Am I right ?

RE: [bug] oclHashcat-plus not printing plains - undeath - 11-07-2011

that's true.

RE: [bug] oclHashcat-plus not printing plains - atom - 11-07-2011

can not reproduce this locally

RE: [bug] oclHashcat-plus not printing plains - rageltman - 12-05-2011

I can confirm this with ATI 6970M using catalyst 11.11. Actually rather problematic... any known fix for this?

RE: [bug] oclHashcat-plus not printing plains - atom - 12-06-2011

since i can not reproduce it, no

RE: [bug] oclHashcat-plus not printing plains - shapleigh - 12-20-2011

I have experienced a similar problem using cudahashcat-plus64, but, in my case the incorrect results appear throughout the entire .out at random.





its seems to happen most when using generated.RULE from the pre-made rule files, it has occurred in both -m 0 and -m 100, also the completely blank lines are being produced by hashcat also, I did not add them.

win7 64 Nvidea gtx-120(please don't laugh to hard at my card)