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Process in HashCat $mskrb5$ - catice - 02-24-2017

There hash intercepted via Intercepter-ng:
Kerberos Auth 10:44:53/24/02/17 BRUTE WITH JTR rc4-hmac DOMAIN.COM\tester:$mskrb5$$$A643483079D9E3CC6F14D3C1CB6CCC4E$601841F258521CD7A97A0032DC61E1050EC45FFFAF14A68851C91C4B925036C1864525DE
John Ripper with it normally works.
How to process it in HashCat?
If the format string as:


it is necessary to remove the symbol                              ^

and password, which I know is not suitable (((

Tell me, where did I go wrong?

RE: Process in HashCat $mskrb5$ - atom - 02-25-2017

You need to move the salt after the hash:


RE: Process in HashCat $mskrb5$ - catice - 02-27-2017

Yes, its work!!!!!
Very thans!