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Website and Wiki Request - Hash-IT - 11-17-2011

Please would you think about adding SSL to the user log-in page on both the forum and Wiki ?

Some of us occasionally have to use proxies and I flinch every time I log in !!

Covering the entire site would be nice but just the log in would be very useful. It doesn't have to be a paid for certificate just a home made one would certainly do me.

It would also be nice if it was a forced SSL log in page so people didn't forget to select it. This site probably is the coolest place on the net at the moment so I worry about it becoming a target.

Thank you.

RE: Website and Wiki Request - atom - 11-18-2011

theoretically, i would agree. but there are people that find self signed certificate more insecure than unencrypted streams at all. from an unskilled view, it looks more suspicious because of the browser-warning window popup. that means, either a real certificate or none. but i dont want to buy such a certificate. btw, ssl will not increase sites security.

RE: Website and Wiki Request - undeath - 11-18-2011

only protects us from SL3 **** Smile

btw, you can get a free SSL cert at startssl (or get yours a valid trusted signature) which does not produce any warnings.

RE: Website and Wiki Request - Hash-IT - 11-18-2011

Thank you undeath, that sounds good. I don’t want to cause any problems or make things difficult, it was just a request and only if it is easy to do.

Whats SL3 ?