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Rule help - elidell - 05-14-2017

I was looking into writing rules, and was interested in the Memory rule..

Lets say i have the word  "password" in my dictionary.

i was trying to write a simple rule that would add 123 to the end and then place the original word after that, resulting in "password123password"

i thought i got it, and would write the rule $1$2$3M4

but that gave me an error:

Cannot convert rule for use on OpenCL device in file myfirst_rules on line 1

so i backed up and went with the example shown here: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=rule_based_attack

and simply wrote the rule :


same error : Cannot convert rule for use on OpenCL device in file myfirst_rules on line 1: uMl4

RE: Rule help - undeath - 05-14-2017

All rules marked with "+" in the notes do not work in newer versions. They only work in the legacy cpu version.

RE: Rule help - elidell - 05-16-2017

Ok so is there no way to write a rule in the newer version that would do the same?

RE: Rule help - philsmd - 05-16-2017

something like:
$1 $2 $3 d ] ] ]
should work as an equivalent rule for M $1 $2 $3 4
(yeah, it's not always perfectly the same, depending on how close you are to the maximum password length, like duplication of a very long word, 31 - 3 won't fit)

That's the real advantage of rules, they are very flexible if you understand them.

RE: Rule help - elidell - 05-17-2017

I'm not understanding that.

Another one I'm trying to figure out is a way to run all permutations of each letter in a given word's capitalization

So cat woul test CAT, CaT, cAt.. etc

RE: Rule help - atom - 05-17-2017