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Error on the oclhashcats - blazer - 11-27-2011

WARN: ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get(): -5

Getting the above on my 5850s

While hashcat runs, i'm getting the above error continously popping up.
This only occured after i swapped the orientation of my cards, moved the MSI twinfrozr into primary and sapphire into secondary.

This happens to all the oclhashcats though the run still continous just that this message will flood the terminal.

Oddly i don't get the error when I specify either -d 1 or -d 2, just happens when both of them are being used.

RE: Error on the oclhashcats - Rolf - 11-27-2011

Say thanks to amd!

Anyways, some say this is curable by flashing the GPUs with most recent BIOS.